Thursday, July 10, 2008

Patience and Humility

One of the things that I realized yesterday after hearing the talk from our CMO, was that patience has been something I’ve never been really good at. Yet, the value that patience has is tremendously valuable.

Patience is a sign of power and control, and most people don’t have it, so when you are patient other people are influenced by it. One of the members in my marketing group was tremendously patient and I learned more from him than I ever expected. He was extremely patient in highly turbulent periods of the semester and made our team run like clockwork. When I think about this desire to get ahead, the desire to get promoted, the desire to climb the ladder I always remember the words of my best friend from college when she said “It’s not a race Srini. What are you going to do, race to the death?” To me those words are so important now that I will probably print them out and put them on my wall in my first office when I get done with business school.

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