Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feedback, Innovation, and more....

I thought I'd share a little bit of information on my performance review and the general guidance that is provided to interns from a career standpoint. One thing that continually amazes me about working here is how strongly managers work on helping you shape your career and align it to your strengths. The great thing about the feedback process at Intuit is that you don't just get one person making a decision and deciding your fate. Feedback is provided from all the teams and all the people you work with. They also give you advice in terms of what you're doing well, what you can do better, and what you shouldn't do. This is really great because it makes you well rounded and you get very well rounded feedback. I had a positive review, with some suggestions on things I could improve. The great part was my boss said he would help me no matter what I decide to do. AT the end of the day I've seen how business planning and strategy is done for a business that generates over a billion dollars in revenue in 12 weeks.

Another thing that's really amazing about this place is that it is truly innovative. With the recent addition of unstructured time (similar to Google), there's opportunities galore that are very entrepreneurial in nature. That means you get 10% of your time to work on projects and there is now Intuit labs. Needless to say, working as an Intuit intern is a very mind-blowing experience.

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Her name is Nicole said...

I found your page and I'd love to thank you for the insight you have provided. I'm currently taking management science classes and it's great to see how excellence in leadership is shaping innovation today :)